Alecia Thurston is an educator, writer (“Shumalady’s Butterfly Tree”- a children’s book), accomplished artist, designer and entrepreneur. Through every phase of her multi-layered career, she has remained steadfastly in her desire to serve children and their parents with a free and spiritual heart in the creative footsteps of the Creator, which is how Best, Best Friends (non-profit arm of Kids for God Movement) came to be.

Ms. Thurston strongly feels: “That it’s the birthright of all little ones to know the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ. Then, down the road, it’s up to the adult “children” whether or not they want to be best, best friends.” ┬áSons, Cruen and Christopher, were raised with the same ideology that helped them become and remain best, best friends with the Creator and the Son. ┬áSpiritual support continues onward and upward with the five granddaughter friends.